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Ludwig Cancer Research is a community of the world's leading scientists, all pursuing innovative ways to prevent and control cancer. The Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research has an expansive research presence through its branches and collaborative laboratories around the world. In addition, the Ludwig Centers are scientific partners operating independently at six elite U.S. institutions. Learn more.

Edward A. McDermott Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
McDermott Jr.
President and Chief Executive Officer


I joined Ludwig Cancer Research in 1988. Initially my primary executive responsibilities involved Mr. Ludwig’s commercial enterprises, which supported the Ludwig Institute. My direct engagement with the Institute expanded over time and in 1995 I was appointed President. I assumed the CEO responsibilities as well in 2010. Since 1995 I have also served as President of the LICR Fund, Inc., which was established to receive, hold and invest funds on behalf of the Institute. Prior to becoming a member of Ludwig, I spent fourteen years in the private practice of law in Washington, D.C.  I am a graduate of Colgate University and the Duke University School of Law.