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Ludwig Cancer Research is a global community of leading scientists pursuing innovative ways to prevent and control cancer. From basic research to clinical trials, in individual laboratories or as part of international teams, our researchers are tackling the hardest questions, spotting the connections and the possibilities. At Ludwig, we test our work against the one measure that matters — improving human health.

We recruit the best minds

Ludwig researchers are global leaders in their fields, seeking out and cultivating the most promising young scientists. Our resources enable us to maintain state-of-the-art laboratories at elite academic institutions around the world, and our independence gives our scientists the freedom to follow their instincts and the evidence toward pioneering cancer breakthroughs.

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We make discoveries

In individual laboratories or as international teams, our scientists are seeking to unravel the basic biological underpinnings of cancers and to use those findings to advance human health. Our global network enables us to bring together multidisciplinary teams to tackle the biggest issues in cancer research with resources beyond those available to any single laboratory.

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We move them forward

Ludwig scientists are driven to realize the life-changing potential of their work, so when promising avenues open we don’t wait and hope for others to act on our work. Ludwig has dedicated teams to manage every step required to translate our discoveries into interventions that will benefit patients—technology development, drug discovery, clinical trails design and management, and beyond.

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We maximize their potential

Ludwig is committed to making sure our work is pursued to its fullest potential, in-house or with academic and industry partners. We even help start private companies that will focus on a promising breakthrough with commercial potential. The Ludwig Institute typically holds a stake in the venture, providing scientific assistance and potentially generating financial returns to fund additional research.

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