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The San Diego Branch focuses mainly on cancer genetics, cell signaling, gene regulation and the mechanisms of cell division.


The San Diego Branch of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research is committed to discovering the fundamental mechanisms that, when altered, underlie cancer development, progression and drug resistance with the goal of developing better diagnostic tools and more effective treatments for cancer patients. The San Diego Branch was recently ranked 42nd worldwide among nonprofit research institutions in biomedical sciences. The host institution for the San Diego Branch, the University of California San Diego, ranked 6th worldwide among academic institutions in biomedical sciences and 9th worldwide among all institutions in biomedical sciences. The Nature Index highlights scientists and institutions prominent in the ongoing research effort that will further transform our ideals of a healthy human life in the coming decades.

Important discoveries made by the San Diego Branch include: antibodies developed for therapeutic purposes; detection of epigenetic marks of active promoters and enhancers that can be perturbed in cancer; the origins of cancer cell aneuploidy; the identification of targetable metabolic co-dependency pathways in glioblastoma; the critical role for extrachromosomal oncogene amplification in cancer evolution and drug resistance; that factors excreted from a subset of tumor cells drive brain tumor heterogeneity and therapeutic resistance; the therapeutic potential of centrosome removal and the identification of a specific inhibitor that blocks centriole assembly; the genetic and epigenetic basis for mismatch repair defective cancers and the development of diagnostic tools for evaluating mismatch repair defects in human cancers; the mechanisms that suppress genome rearrangements and development of inhibitors to target cancers with high levels of genome instability; the development of antisense oligonucleotide-based inhibition of specific proteins currently in clinical trials for neurodegenerative diseases and evaluation of therapeutic potential in brain tumors.

Ludwig San Diego has been located at the University of California, San Diego, since 1991, and is affiliated with the UCSD Medical School and the UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center. Each Branch member also serves on the faculty at UCSD.


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