Howard Chang
Cancer genomics


AB, Harvard College

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MD, Harvard Medical School

Residency, Stanford University

I am a physician-scientist who has trained in genome science. My research has focused on mechanisms that coordinate the activities of large numbers of genes in controlling cell fate. We made a series of discoveries that introduced the important and pervasive roles of long noncoding RNAs in biological regulation. My group has substantial experience in epigenetics and RNA biology, including the invention of new methods for epigenomic profiling, mapping RNA occupancy on chromatin, and defining RNA structures genome-wide. We have also pioneered methods to identify key regulators of large-scale transcriptional programs and record multiple molecular features of individual cells at the same time, called single cell multiomics. These methods have been highly fruitful for studies of cancer and immunotherapy. The long-term goal of my laboratory is to decipher regulatory information in the human genome and apply such information to disease diagnosis and therapy.

Ludwig Center at Stanford
Lokey Stem Cell Research Building
265 Campus Dr., 3rd Floor
Stanford, California, U.S. 94305-5323

T 650 234 0675


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