Kenan C. Garcia
Tumor biology


My laboratory studies the structural and functional basis of receptor/ligand interactions in systems that are relevant to the interplay between the immune system and cancer. Our investigations are broadly aimed at understanding the molecular recognition and structural properties governing the interactions of receptors with their ligands, and the subsequent molecular events that couple ligand recognition to receptor activation. We use protein engineering to dissect the structural information, and develop immunotherapeutics, several of which are in clinical trials or clinical development. One particular focus is cytokine engineering, where we have discovered that cytokine signaling can be “tuned” to eliminated toxic effects and preserve therapeutic efficacy, such as for IL-2, Interferons, and others that are important cytokines in cancer. We are also studying the role of cytokines, such as TPO, and the structural basis for cytokine receptor mutations in myeloproliferative neoplasms and attempting to use structural information to develop new therapeutic strategies to address these issues.

Ludwig Center at Stanford
Lokey Stem Cell Research Building
265 Campus Dr., 3rd Floor
Stanford, California, U.S. 94305-5323

T 650 234 0675


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