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Ludwig Oxford labs earned a Silver rating for sustainability

Ludwig Oxford was awarded a Silver certificate by the Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF) for its adherence to practices that reduce the environmental impact of laboratory research. A program launched by University College London, LEAF allows administrators to identify and track sustainability targets tailored to the specific needs and structures of their laboratories. Its guidelines and standards were developed over two years and across 23 institutions around the U.K. and Ireland. Since its recommendations were created in collaboration with labs, they are not only environmentally friendly but amenable to safety standards as well. They can also deliver modest cost-savings, according to LEAF, which notes that labs are estimated to account for “2% of global plastic waste and use three to ten times more energy per square meter than a typical office.” Ludwig Oxford’s implementation of LEAF—which was led by Lab Manager Stan Ng and supported by students and staff across the Branch—was given the second highest rating issued by the program for steps it took to reduce carbon emissions and waste. This included such measures as reducing single-use plastics and ensuring that fume cupboard sashes remain closed when not in active use. Stan can recertify annually with LEAF to maintain Ludwig Oxford’s Silver rating.

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