New York
Weill Cornell

The Ludwig Collaborative Laboratory at Weill Cornell Medicine focuses on tumor immunology, with an emphasis on translational research, to identify and develop new immunotherapeutic strategies and drugs for the treatment of melanoma and other types of cancer.


We investigate the mechanisms by which the tumor microenvironment inhibits anti-tumor immune responses and devise strategies to overcome such defenses and improve cancer therapy. Our efforts focus on the mechanism-based, rational design of novel cancer treatment strategies. In addition, we investigate cell types and molecules required for effective immune responses and immune resistance as well as biomarkers and genetic determinants of response to immunotherapy. Though our studies rely on preclinical model systems, we maintain a reciprocal connection between the clinic and the laboratory in our translational research, applying insights obtained in each venue to refine our efforts in the other.



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413 East 69th Street
New York. N.Y. 10021

T 646.962.6136


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