The Princeton Branch focuses on cancer metabolism—its roles in tumor growth and metastasis, its connections to the microbiome and immune system and its manipulation by diet and drugs—all with the aim of improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


The Ludwig Princeton Branch is dedicated to the investigation of cancer metabolism and the development of novel metabolic interventions for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malignancies. Our researchers explore crosstalk between the microbiome, major body organs, immune cells and tumors; metabolic rewiring in cancer metastasis; and mechanisms by which advanced cancers promote cachexia, the severe loss of body mass that often contributes to cancer mortality. We also investigate the influence of diet on cancer metabolism, including how diet affects the tumor microenvironment, anti-cancer immune response, cancer risk, disease progression and patient responses to therapy. The Branch is located at Princeton University and affiliated with RWJBarnabas Health and Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey.

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Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Princeton
Princeton University
91 Prospect Avenue, 2nd Floor
Princeton, N.J. 08540

T +1 (609) 258-5954


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