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The Ludwig Center at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) is building on transformative advances in cancer immunology and immunotherapy, which, to a large degree, have come from preclinical and clinical studies conducted over the years at the Center and MSK.


We are actively pursuing our longstanding goal to explore fundamental mechanisms of the immune system and harness that knowledge to develop novel cancer therapies. Specifically, we work to:

1. Develop preclinical experimental approaches and genetic models to identify new mechanism-based strategies for cancer immunotherapy.

2. Accelerate the transition from preclinical models to clinical applications.

3. Monitor patients to understand the cellular and molecular basis of anti-tumor immune responses.

4. Analyze clinical data to extend and optimize existing therapies.

The Ludwig Center at MSK houses the Immune Monitoring Facility, which evaluates the immune status of patients in clinical studies and analyzes the immune responses elicited by experimental therapies. Led by Phillip Wong, the facility also supports standardized processing and cryopreservation of clinical samples, development and validation of immune monitoring assays, and the identification of biomarkers that might serve as reporters or prognostic indicators of clinical responses in patients.


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November 19, 2014
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